senseiMoving Zen classes teach a traditional form of Japanese karate. Students learn skills and philosophy as a means of developing their bodies, minds and spirit. We offer classes for children, families and adults. Benefits are seen in school and work, and in relationships with family, peers and teachers.

Fall 2014 Class Schedule

Tuesdays 4 pm at 5 Hedgerow Lane, Amherst; Thursdays 4 pm at Munson Memorial Library, South Amherst, MA; Saturdays 9am at 5 Hedgerow Lane, Amherst

Tuesday 5pm at 5 Hedgerow Lane, Amherst; Thursdays 5pm at Munson Memorial Library, South Amherst, MA; Saturdays 10:15 am at 5 Hedgerow Lane, Amherst

Fridays at 4:15 at 5 Hedgerow Lane, Amherst

Location for Classes

All classes are held at Sensei Ken Bernstein’s dojo (school) at 5 Hedgerow Lane except as noted on the class schedule. Thursday afternoon classes are currently held at the Munson Library in South Amherst.

Dojo Etiquette

A complete summary of dojo etiquette will be posted on the site soon!

Weather Cancellations

If hazardous driving conditions require closure of the dojo a message will be placed on the phone answering machine.

What to Wear

New students should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing to their first class. Those who continue training should wear a white gi, the traditional karate uniform. Gi’s will be available for purchase at the dojo. No special footwear will be required as all classes are conducted in bare feet.